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Ask A Pro - DOT Exams

  • By Joel Blanchard, MD, executive medical director
  • May 11, 2018

Q: What happens if a driver is not truthful about the health history on the medical examination form?

A: The Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination form is a federal form. Lying on such a form can have serious consequences including being disqualified by the medical examiner or being terminated from a current position by the motor carrier. If the driver would be involved in a crash and it was found that the driver lied about a medical condition and may not have been certified if the driver had been truthful, criminal charges could be placed on the driver.

Q: When can a driver be disqualified for using a legally prescribed medication?

A: If a legally prescribed medication or the condition the medication is treating puts the driver at increased risk of a crash, the driver could be disqualified. The driver’s safety is of the utmost importance. The medical examiner always ensure that the driver does not have a medical condition or prescription placing the driver at risk of sudden or gradual impairment as well as incapacitation of control of a commercial motor vehicle.