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Ask A Pro: Medical Provider

  • By Joel Blanchard
  • Jan 16, 2018

Q: What is a designated medical provider (DMP)?

A DMP is a medical provider, facility or health care system selected by an employer to treat employees’ work-related injuries. The DMP and the employer partner to establish a relationship focused on improving injury care for the worker. This relationship is better if established prior to an injury to ensure the injury care philosophy of the DMP and employer match.

Q: Why choose a DMP?

Injuries are expensive for employers. Lost time from work and restrictions are costly and make it more likely for the injured worker to become disabled long term. The DMP helps decrease unnecessary medical expenses and prevent long-term disability by:

  • Providing prompt, appropriate care to the injured worker
  • Using a strong stay-at-work philosophy incorporating the job into the recovery process
  • Actively communicating with the employer
  • Ensuring the worker can safely perform duties
  • Focusing on the injured worker’s abilities versus disabilities