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Emphasize ergonomics in the workplace

Investments in ergonomics pay off for companies

  • Aug 02, 2017

Ergonomics is the science of fitting a job to a worker instead of fitting a worker to a job. To reduce ergonomic risk factors to workers, ergonomic risk assessments can be performed in office and industrial settings. If ignored, ergonomic risk factors — which include stress, strain, repetition and compression — can result in costly injuries to a worker.

Physical therapists are among the trained professionals who can perform ergonomic assessments and identify risks. Eliminating these risks can call for a change in environment. For example, an employee’s work duties may be positioned on the floor. The employee will most likely bend at the waist to perform the work, resulting in stress and strain to the muscles and joints of the low back. Continued stress and strain may result in injury. After identifying the risk factor, change the environment. In this example, by raising the work to the employee’s waist height, the work is performed in a joint-friendly, neutral position.

On top of putting the safety of employees in jeopardy, injuries due to poor ergonomics may end up costing a company thousands of dollars. Proactive companies can invest money in strategies like ergonomics that help prevent these injuries. According to the National Safety Council’s ‘Injury Facts 2014,’ the return on investment for injury prevention services such as ergonomics can be as high as a $6 return on every $1 spent.

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