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Injury Care Plan

  • By Joel Blanchard, MD, executive medical director
  • Nov 12, 2018

Q: Why is it important for an employer to have an injury care plan?
A: Work-related injuries involve special rules and requirements affecting injury care, leading to prolonged recovery time and frustration. With an injury plan, an employer is prepared before the injury occurs and can quickly help the employee get on the road to recovery.

Q: What is included in an injury care plan?
A: Several components are included:

  • Acute injury care
    • Accompany the injured worker to a first clinic visit
    • Accommodate restrictions proactively
    • Help complete workers’ compensation paperwork
  • Education
    • Determine who needs to know about an injury
    • Establish where employees can report safety issues
    • Plan where employees should receive medical care
  • Establish a relationship with a medical provider
    • Discuss injury management at the injured worker’s first clinic visit
    • Explain your return-to-work philosophy and your ability to accommodate an injured worker
    • Review injury trends and discuss preventive ergonomic measures