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Protect Your Employees from the Flu

  • By Rhonda Larson, RN
  • Aug 10, 2018

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an annual flu vaccination as the most important step in protecting against the flu and its potentially serious complications. An estimated five to 20 percent of Americans get infected with the flu annually. This means the flu is responsible for 200 million days of diminished productivity, 75 million missed work days and a $600 weekly loss in work value for each employee infected. 

The easier a company makes it, the more likely a workforce is to get vaccinated. Hosting an on-site flu shot event at the worksite during convenient hours is cost effective. By encouraging employees to get vaccinated, an employer can:

  • Increase morale
  • Protect a workforce, their loved ones and at-risk population groups
  • Reduce the risk of lost productivity from absenteeism
  • Reduce low productivity by those who work when ill
  • Reduced annual health care costs