Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

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Occupational Medicine Abuse and Alcohol Program

Sanford Occupational Medicine Clinics understand that drug abuse and alcoholism in the workplace negatively impacts your employee’s job safety, productivity and your company’s bottom line. The abuse can cause:

  • 65 percent of work accidents
  • One-third less productivity
  • Three times as many sick days

With employee safety in mind, Sanford OccMed offers a wide network of collection facilities and certified collectors to meet your testing needs. We also offer complete management of Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT testing programs including random testing consortium management, annual reporting and record maintenance.

Sanford OccMed continually monitors the quality of the drug-testing program through routine internal compliance audits and staff training.  We stay current with any regulation changes in testing regulations, to ensure our business and yours is up to date.

Why use a certified collector?

Drug screening and breath alcohol (BA) collection is a legal process that requires the DOT certified collector to obtain the specimen the same way each time. A collector helps and instructs employees at a collection site, receives and makes an initial inspection of the specimen provided by employees, and initiates and completes the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF).

If this collection process is not followed, screenings can be thrown out of court during legal proceedings. If this happens, your company will not be able to take action against the employee who was using drugs or alcohol in the workplace.

Sanford OccMed consistently follows this process for all regulated and non-regulated collections.

Third-party administrators (TPA)/random program management:

Sanford OccMed has a wide network of collection facilities and certified collectors to meet your drug and alcohol testing needs. We also offer complete and compliant management of DOT and Non-DOT testing programs including:

  • Random testing consortium management
  • Annual reporting and record maintenance
  • Additional services:
    • Collection only
    • Customized drug testing options (prescription drugs, synthetic drugs)
    • Hair testing
    • Reasonable suspicion and supervisor training

Medical review officer (MRO) services:

Sanford OccMed’s MROs are all DOT certified and have a background in understanding how prescriptions and drugs interact with the body. The DOT requires their drug screens to be reviewed by an MRO and services staff to ensure all drug screen results are reported within DOT guidelines.

The MRO acts as a gatekeeper to ensure collection, testing and reporting is accurately completed according to DOT guidelines. The officer also confirms through donor interview whether or not a non-negative drug screen is valid due to prescription medication or actual drug use. This process is established in order to help you make good employment decisions.

Reasonable suspicion education:

Drug abuse and alcoholism use in the workplace is an issue that can’t be ignored by employers. In fact, 75 percent of illegal drug users are employed.

Sanford OccMed offers reasonable suspicion training to help supervisors learn how to identify the signs and symptoms and make the workplace safer. This DOT compliant training is simple and convenient, and offered at our occupational medicine clinics or even on-site at your business.