Why Choose Us

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Keeping Your Employees & Business Healthy & Productive

Sanford OccMed is your partner for a safe, healthy and productive workforce.

Our Vision at Sanford Occupational Medicine

At Sanford OccMed, our Sanford occupational medicine experts are dedicated to keeping your employees – and your business – healthy and productive. With our simple workplace wellness and health promotion approach, comprehensive services and convenient locations, Sanford Health can save you time and money.

We provide a unique approach that is simple, convenient, comprehensive and, most importantly, high in quality. Our team is here to provide exceptional worksite wellness for your employees, ensuring they are healthy and productive. We also design services for corporate wellness to meet the needs of your specific business, so you receive only the services that make sense for you and your employees.

As a business leader, we understand you’re busy. We make occupational medicine services convenient through services like our real time communication of wellness screening results to applicants, current employees and their employers.

We have a variety of locations offices located throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Our occupational medicine services can also be tailored to come directly to your worksite. With our Onsite services, we deliver our services through the Bakken region.

Our occupational medicine team is committed to providing you with the best service possible, and partnering with you to benefit your business and your employees.