Respiratory Protection Program

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Sanford Occupational Medicine Respiratory Protection Program

Air that is contaminated or lacks oxygen can be harmful to your employees’ health. Inhaling chemical vapors, fumes or even dust can damage their lungs and other organs leading to serious medical conditions.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require that workers who wear respirators and are exposed to workplace respiratory hazards to participate in a respiratory protection program.

Sanford OccMed is dedicated to helping you meet this requirement through:

Respiratory clearance:

Determine workers’ physical abilities to safely wear respiratory protection and to assist employers’ compliance with the OSHA respiratory protection standard (29 CFR 1910.134). This includes baseline and annual exams and pulmonary function tests. Our staff are NIOSH certified to perform these tests.

Respirator fit testing:

Pulmonary function test is necessary to determine if the respirator provides a proper seal around the face to avoid leaks of contaminated air while in use. We show you how to wear a respiratory mask. Qualitative or quantitative testing can be done.

Asbestos surveillance:

Workers exposed to asbestos are required by OSHA to be included in an asbestos surveillance program. This exam is similar to the respiratory clearance exam, but is more detailed and requires a special X-ray of the lungs. This surveillance should be done as a pre-placement, annually and at termination.

Air quality testing:

Industrial hygienist will monitor for actual risk levels and recommend appropriate scope of testing.


Building a Respiratory Protection Program