Medicine Providers

patient with doctor and stethoscope

Sanford Occupational Medicine Providers

Sanford OccMed is comprised of an experienced occupational medicine team of Sanford Health professionals who strive to ensure workplace safety and healthy employees.  They provide quality healthcare and services that are both comprehensive and convenient.

Our medical professionals are prepared to help your employees remain healthy and free from injury with medical surveillance and health screening programs.  We offer employment exams and physicals through a network of clinic locations as well as at the worksite. All of our providers are certified medical examiners with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 

And in the event of illness or industrial injury, we offer the highest level of care to keep them at work, or return them to work, as quickly as possible. We ensure your employees are in the proper condition to perform their job safely with a job risk assessment and workplace safety programs.

With several Sanford OccMed clinic locations throughout the Midwest region, finding quick access to our occupational medicine services is simple, no matter where your business is located.